Claim Form

The filing deadline has passed, but you can file a paper Claim Form by mail.

Complete this Claim Form to receive payment from settlements totaling more than $36 million. Illinois consumers (individuals and businesses) that purchased televisions or monitors containing CRTs from a retailer or someone other than the manufacturer of the component CRT are eligible to receive a payment from the settlement funds. A CRT is a piece of technology used as displays (screens) in televisions and computer monitors. Before LCD, Plasma and LED display technologies became popular, CRTs were the main technology used for displays in these devices.

You must answer the two Eligibility Questions and list the number of CRT televisions and/or monitors you purchased to submit a claim. Each eligible product must contain a CRT. The amount you could expect to receive per product is $20 for each CRT television and $60 for each CRT monitor.

Your recovery could be a smaller amount than the maximum because there is a limited amount of money in the Settlement Fund. The amount paid per product and the number of claims allowed per consumer will depend on the number of claims submitted on or before the deadline, which is July 12, 2018. Any claims filed after July 12, 2018 will be considered for payment only if settlement funds remain after all valid claims filed by that date have been paid in full.